As mentioned in my family post, I did try a new kind of wine when I went home to North Carolina with my family.  My mom bought some Gallo Blush Noir. Gallo is Californian and has been around since 1933.  Gallo is nicely priced and great for parties because you have the option of getting the mega-big bottle to share. They also have the Best Taste Promise guarantee!

The Blush Noir is a darker color (generally when I think of blush wine, I think about a more pink color, but this is more of a deep red, almost purple). Noir is french for dark so it technically is “dark blush.”  It was not super sweet but still had some nice blackberry flavors and other fruits as well.

 I found it perfect for dinner and sitting outside on the deck and talking with family. It can also be used as a dessert wine and paired with chocolate. I think this would also make a really nice Valentines Day wine that I think I will keep in mind for next year as well.

I was not able to drink too many glasses of this wine because I think it does feel heavier in the stomach than white wine does.

Blush Noir is not a very popular kind of wine and I have not been able to find many different kinds of it other than Rosehaven Blush Noir. Perhaps trying a Pinot Noir would be a good one to try next since I liked this kind.

Thinking about it, this was the first non-white wine that I have had since I started this blog. This is sad! I really do need to do some more red wines. I think I am a little hesitant about trying red wine because it is usually so heavy. White wine tends to feel lighter and does not make me feel sick, and I do worry a little bit about that. But I will try more red and blush wines!