So, in my last post I told you about my experience of going to the local Morgantown winery Forks of Cheat. My roommie and I came home with five bottles of wine from the location and have been having a great week.

The wines that FOC offer are listed here. I have now realized that I am very much a sweet wine person. I will continue trying the dry wines, but so far I have always enjoyed my experience with the sweeter wines.

The first wine I sampled was the Niagara. I tasted a Niagara when I was in New Jersey at Plagido’s and this one tasted extremely similar. It tastes like it is made with concord grapes and Darryl probably put it the best way by describing it as “adult grape juice.” I love it. It is a white wine and is extremely refreshing and pleasant. Needless to say, we bought one for $10.50.

I also tried FOC’s Bad Cat Catawba wine. I think it was my favorite wine of the trip. It is a blush wine. But unlike the Blush Noir that I sampled a few weeks ago, it is definitely the color of blush. It is a rosey-pink color and very light. It is semi-sweet, very fruity and complements poultry nicely.

The Bad Cat Catawba Wine Label. Courtesy to Forks of Cheat website.

Van Buren is  also a great wine that they offered. It was a sweet red wine that I deemed the red Niagara. The flavor was so similar to the Niagara but because it is made with red grapes it does not seem nearly as sweet as the white wine. I actually liked the Van Buren better. I cannot find Van Buren wine anywhere online. Every time I search it, the only results I can find mention Forks of Cheat winery. If anyone else has any other Van Buren suggestions for me, please let me know because I know I will be missing this red wine once I am out of this area.

Sherry and I also did our share of tasting the huge variety of fruit wine that FOC offers. We tried the blackberry, raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry. All were delicious and I cannot believe that I am saying this but we agreed that we liked the fruit wines  here better than the fruits from Tomasello. We kept looking at each other in disbelief that we actually liked these better than our beloved

Pomegranate WIne Label. Courtesy of Forks of Cheat website

Jersey winery. We went home with a raspberry and pomegranate each for $12.

The final one that we tried was the Coco Vino. This was interesting and I was not a fan. It is made from the Marechal Foch grape and infused with a hint of dark chocolate. The flavor was so weird. It started so bitter and ended with the taste of chocolate. I had a hard time finishing my sampling glass. Sherry was a big fan. The only way I would want to try it again would be with a slice of cheesecake or if it had some cherry liquor. I think that could make a great mix drink, but I do not want it by itself again. The Coco Vino is priced at $15.

In conclusion, it was great tasting wines for free before actually laying down the money blindly. I now know which ones I like and can buy them whenever I want because they sell the entire collection at Kroger right down the street from me and of course I could always go to the winery up the street and visit my new kitty friend Oscar again…