After sipping on my pomegranate and also looking at the raspberry that we have on hand, it got me thinking about fruit wines in general. I have never seen specific fruit wines being sold in any store, unless they supplied wine from a  local winery. Fruit wine or elderberry wine or British-termed country wine is an alcohol made with a fermented fruit other than grapes.

In my search, I have even found dandelion wine. I suppose wine really can be made from anything.

Many would say that fruit wines are not real wines and I suppose some serious wine connoisseurs would never even dream about trying a fruit wine in place of a real dry wine, but this article disagrees with that thought. The argument is that fruit wines pair nicely with chocolate and other types of desserts.

Not all fruit wines are overly sweet and thick. There is a wide range of fruit wine from dry to very sweet. It is also a way to enjoy the taste of summer year-round. According to Dominic Rivard, fruit wine production is up and is becoming more accepted by people all around the world of all ages.

A great deal of wineries produce their own version of fruit wine. I have tried a few and have been satisfied with them. Another thing that is very nice to know about it is that most wineries grow all of their own fruit to make the wine. It makes me feel better to know that it is all made on site. This also helps out the winery when they can no longer produce grapes, but can then fall back on producing fruits for another kind of wine.

Speaking of elderberry wine, how can we not bring up this goodie by Elton John?