With the warm weather coming I know I always get a craving for some good mix drinks. I always love having a nice pina colada, margarita or a beautiful mojito. This got me to thinking about what can be done to change up our everyday wine and turn it into a party!

The pros with mixing up wine and champagne is that if you do buy a wine that you do not like and it is too dry or sweet, you can easily make it drinkable. It may just be a nice, change-up and to try something new.

Another situation it may be be good is if one is not really into wine quite yet. If one has not acquired the taste for wine yet, adding some soda or something may help you ease into it easier. The Wine Virgin agrees that mixing wine mix drinks can help quench the summer heat.

The good news about this is that almost any champagne or wine can be mixed. Here are some videos by professional bartenders showing you how to mix it up!

Champagne Punch

The Bellini


I know I will be trying out a sangria this weekend and possibly some other drinks. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!