Organic food is the new trend and craze of today. Organic means that the consumed product is produced by NOT using modern synthetic inputs like pesticides and chemical fertilizers or additives. In America, organic food is the fastest growing sector in the food marketplace increasing by about 18 percent in one year.  I cannot pinpoint when exactly this fad began, but it really started to be apparent in 2005. But organic does not only apply to food, it is also wine.

Organic wine is made from grapes that have not been treated with artificial chemical fertilizers,pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Organic wine dates back to 1990 when Congress passed the National Organic Foods Act.

I know my roommate and her mother are very much into the organic wines. Sometimes I feel they are a part of the organic cult that is out there and preach the amazing-ness of it. But there is still a lot of confusion about organic wine.

Generally, organic wine is more expensive and some claim that there is no such thing as a good organic wine. But this is not true. I have tried some of Sherry’s special wine and I can say that it really isn’t bad. What it has is an interesting flavor that sets it apart from others.

You also need to know where to look to find the affordable organic wines. New York Frey Vineyards is extremely affordable with some wines under $9. The Kennewick, WA Badger Mountain Vineyard has a few different kinds as well that fall in the $10-15 range.

Here is a short video that will tell you more about today’s topic.

Another interesting thing about organic wine is that many say that the headaches and migraines that people get from drinking our drink of the gods, are caused by the sulfites within. The organic wine does not contain added sulfites and people claim they do not get headaches because of it.

If organic wine is for you, or you just would like to learn more about it, consider the organic wine journal. Here they have countries, articles, reviews and video all about organic wine.