After we were done at Tomasello (read my previous post first) Sherry and I headed to Plagido’s Winery about 2 miles away.

Here I saw the same grape fields that seemed to go on forever. The building up front was not as pretty or elaborate as Tomasello, but we went inside and enjoyed ourselves. Plagido’s has been open since 2007 and is family owned.

The amount of wines that they offered here was significantly lower than our first place. The woman told us that since all of the wines are made from grapes grown directly from their establishment, the amount that they had to offer in the month of March was limited. Here is the wine list that they normally have. However, when we were there none of the fruit wines were available and many of the dry reds were unavailable as well. This just shows how much weather effects grapes and the wine made from them. Obviously, grapes are extremely fragile and must be nurtured.

I tried the Niagra, Vidal Blanc, Plagido’s Choice, Antonia Rosso, and the Merlot. All of them were very nice. The Plagido’s choice was probably my favorite. It is made from the seedless Marquis grape and  is the Signature white wine that starts dry and has a sweet finish. It is very similar to the taste of a Concord grape.

The tasting was all free but Sherry and I each bought another personalized wine glass to prove that we were there along with a few bottles. We had a great time and now our apartment is officially stocked with specialty wines from southern New Jersey.

A neat thing that the Garden State Wine Growers Association is doing is allowing people to “Travel through the wine country of New Jersey.” We were handed a passport that listed Jersey’s most scenic and historic wineries. Once you visit all of them and get each page stamped, you send the passport back and will be sent a special gift from the association. Once you do that, you are also entered in the Grand Prize drawing for a trip for two to ITALY!  I have no idea when I will be able to visit all 34 of them listed, but  I have 2 so far!