Ahhhh, back in school and back to the books. It is sad really. I woke up last Wednesday morning to snow on the ground in New Jersey…not a pleasant surprise when we were thinking about taking a walk on the boardwalk that day. But it all went really well. We walked on the Asbury Park boardwalk on Friday instead (in a sweatshirt and winter coat!) but it was fun.

One of my favorite things about the trip was going to my first winery! Since it was still cold out, my roommate and I did not get to go on a full-blown tour, but we did get to go to two wineries in southern New Jersey. Tomasello and Plagido.

If you are unfamiliar with New Jersey, here is a map of the state and the many wineries that they have. The two I went to are the red points:

The experience was wonderful. Tomasello has been Sherry’s favorite winery since she and her family attended Six Flags Grape Adventure this past November. This festival is a great experience for people trying to learn more about New Jersey wineries and their products.

Tomasello was really cool and very pretty. All I saw when we rolled into the parking lot was all of the grapes in the area and this beautiful building at the front. We walked up to the building and to our right was the wine tasting room. We stepped in and the woman described the establishment. All of the bottles were lined up from driest to sweetest. We were handed a special glass with the special Tomasello engraving on it and we sipped and tasted our hearts desires.

The first one I tried was the American Ranier Rosé (non-vintage) Tomasello Table Wine. I never really knew what a “table wine” was. I always saw it and could never understand what it’s purpose was. When I asked the woman working, she simply stated that table wine is just a nice, mild wine that complements most meals very well. This particular Native American Catawba grape was very nice. Sweet enough to be enjoyed, but not too overbearing. The table wines were placed right in the middle of the line-up so not too sweet and not dry. I also sampled the red and white versions of the table wine and those were equally as light and delicious.

The other thing that I loved about going to special wineries was all of the special flavors that you can get. They had almond, cherry, blueberry, pomegranate, spiced apple, cherry, raspberry, cranberry and lots more. It was like drinking juice! I loved it. We also found some great wine recipes that we are definitely going to try in the near future.

I couldn’t believe that all we had to do was point to whatever we wanted and just drink. We ended up paying five dollars to keep our glasses along with many bottles of wine.