I have always heard that good meals are meant to be paired with wine. This is proven when going out to Italian restaurants, they are always trying to push that perfect bottle of wine to go with the meal.  After a few weeks of sampling wine like I never thought I could, one of the first things I notice with bottles of wine and wine sites is the food pairings that they go with.

It got me to thinking…What are the trends? And how is it figured out what should go with what?  With my research, I have found something interesting. It is quite possible to consume 3 different types of wine in one full course meal.

  • 1 glass of a light white wine with salad
  • 1 glass of heavy red wine with a robust main course
  • 1 glass of a sweet dessert wine after

You can even buy prepackaged and build your own full course wine sets!

Not that I cook full course meals by any means whatsoever, but I must say that it is not as difficult as I originally thought. Basically, if it is a lighter meal, pair it with a lighter, white wine. If it is red meat or red sauce, a red wine is best. If it is a cream sauce or white meat, white wine goes.  And to finish up, if it is something sweet (like a dessert) pair it with a sweet wine.

It is also helpful to take the idea of weight and texture into consideration when pairing wine. If one is still a little unsure about what to drink with what, check this page or chart out to solve all problems. I know I will be referring to these.