I found it! After a disappointing bottle of Sauv. Blanc, I found the bottle that has been recommended to me – Chateau Ste. Michelle-Horse Heaven Hills 2008. It was the most I spent on a bottle of wine so far. At the store it was $18 but as long as it is under $20 I will not freak out. However, I will be going back to $15 and under after this week.

Chateau Ste. Michelle is a Washington State winery located 15 miles Northeast of Seattle. It is Washington’s oldest and most acclaimed winery.

The reason why I searched for this particular wine was because it was supposed to truly  sum up what a real Sauv. Blanc is meant to taste like. It had a very strong flavor, which was a wonderful improvement from the last bottle’s Barefoot. It definitely had a more grassy or herbaceous taste to it, which was very nice. It was spicy with a strong melon flavor as well. I liked it.

It does not appear to be a very common wine. I had a hard time finding reviews on this, but I did find more on the Horse Heaven 2009 version. Obviously, it is slightly different, but I am assuming it is still worth getting.

I think I have decided that Sauvignon Blanc is not my personal favorite wine. It is ok and I think I can appreciate a good and flavorful version of it (like this Horse Heaven or Monkey Bay) but I cannot see myself buying a bottle to enjoy for a relaxing weekend.

I am planning on continuing my dry wine kick and we will see where that ends up.