So, my day off and what do I do? I COULD do homework, I COULD clean my apartment and I COULD go to gym, but I find myself sitting on the couch watching HGTV‘s  Design on a Dime. Nice! But I  feel better by convincing myself that at least it isn’t Maury. It may be a feeble attempt, but it helps me sleep at night. However, during this episode, the man made his own wine and wanted to redo the dining room to display his product. I got so excited! During this episode, I learned a couple of tips on the storage of wine.

The first thing the expert asked was if it was a dark, damp place in the house. This makes sense to me. You want a place where the sunlight cannot penetrate and if it is too dry it can also change the flavor of the wine.

You also have to be sure that the temperature does not change too much because this can damage the cork and cause it to crack and allow air to leak into the bottle. The temperature change can also cause the cork to mold and none of us want our wine to taste like a moldy grape!

The other thing that the expert in the show said was that bottles should be stored on their side. This allows the cork to be kept moist and it will not crack.

These are all things that I had never thought about before!

Thanks HGTV!

Home wine storage made easy!