Wow, it’s really sinking in now. Holy smokes I’m graduating soon! Yes, it was there the whole time, I have been job searching and making plans for friends and family to come to the ceremony, but today was just plain creepy.

Today, I bought my graduation cap, gown, tassel and announcements. It’s real. It is sooooo real. Eeek

Well, I can only think of one thing to make me feel better. WINE! (It’s homework for this blog only…I swear!) So, I am cracking open, well, popping open I suppose, my $8.00 bottle of Californian  Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc. I like Barefoot. It’s cheap and the Moscato is quite tasty.  So, it jumped out to me and I bought it. Sadly, it was a mistake.

I am not a fan of this Sauv Blanc. The Monkey Bay that I had last week was a shock to the system with it’s dry, fruitiness that I was not used to (but liked!). This Barefoot honestly tastes like flavored water. Crisp and refreshing, but in a high quality H2O sense, not wine.

There is supposed to be a kind of pear, melon and nectarine flavor to it. I am not getting this. Granted, a way to describe it is a little smokey on the nose and slight aftertaste, but it is so subtle and I am still finding myself sitting here unsatisfied.

I need more flavor, more burst and richness in wine. I want citrus to dance upon my taste buds happily and merrily, and Barefoot is doing no dancing. This makes me sad. I am looking at other reviews of this wine and all I am reading is about it’s clean taste, I am sorry but if I want clean I will drink free water from the tap…

Time to try a Washington wine that has been suggested to me if I can find it.