So, it was time for my first Sauvignon Blanc.  It is a beautiful sounding name…Sauvignon Blanc…is a dry white wine produced in California, France, Chile, Argentina, Italy, Washington, and growing in popularity in South Africa and New Zealand. There are various flavors within the S.B. varietal. It can taste like grass, green pepper, asparagus, grapefruit, lime and even “catbox.”

Now, catbox is not a way I would like my wine to be described as tasting or smelling like, but some people really get into this. I remember watching someone taste wine and described it as being “earthy” and like manure. That’s just gross. But some people really look for this and savor this. Perhaps I just still have a whole lot of wine-ing to do.

But, after going into the store and digging into my pockets for as much spare change that I could, I finally had enough to buy my first New Zealand bottle of S.B. I couldn’t help it, something just sounds cool about getting a wine from New Zealand! I am a complete nerd, but I found good old Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc. (It’s a very interactive website and very cute!) For about $9 I was able to buy my first bottle of dry wine!

I was extremely nervous about trying a dry wine. But after the initial sip where I wrinkled my nose and puckered my lips, I got more used to it. It is very fruity and very light and it started to grow on me. It wasn’t so bad once I got used to the unsweetness of the wine. I am intrigued and once I work another shift in the journalism school, I should have enough money in my pockets to scrounge up enough for another bottle. Any other suggestions on cheap bottles of S.B.?