For those of us living in a college town, where wine may not be everyone’s first drink choice, it is sometimes hard to find the best places to buy wine at a good price.  But, I have compiled where the best places are in Morgantown, WV to get your wine.

  • Slight Indulgence – This is a gourmet grocery store in Morgantown that is family owned has two locations. Not only can you buy imported wine and beer at a great price, but you can also get a delicious panini and some chocolate. Best hidden gem in Morgantown!
  • The Wine Rack – a place with a large selection of wine at a great price and a nice friendly staff that answers all questions.
  • The Wine Bungalow – international wines, gourmet chocolates and sauces and wine buckets
  • Forks of Cheat Winery – A local winery that everyone in the area should enjoy!