As I have made clear, I had to learn the hard way about opening a wine bottle with a cork in it. It took a long time and a lot of practice to finally get the bottle open without completely ravaging the cork beyond belief.

I wish that I would have had these fun and special tips on How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew during my picnic with my boyfriend, but oh well…I mean, some of these are quite Macgyver-ish but pretty handy!

I highly recommend purchasing a good bottle opener. One that is durable with a nice handle is perfect.

I was thrilled when my mom received the Houdini Wine Opener. This thing is cool. Houdini is basically a new version of the Rabbit. It’s a little big and really strange looking at first. But once you get the hang of it, it is so quick and easy and fun.

With 3 simple moves, you are uncorked and ready to go in about 6 seconds. The cork is still reusable and you don’t have all the twisting and turning and pulling.

It is a little more expensive than I would like. It ranges from $25 to about $40 and I know you can get them at any Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond store. But put it on your birthday list, like I am, and hopefully you will have fun with it!

P.S. By all means, you should know how to open a bottle of wine with a regular corkscrew. There is nothing sexier or more impressive than a man who can uncork that bottle of wine! The Houdini is not necessarily portable and unfortunately will not always be there where you need it if you are outside your home. So try it out, get it down partially, and then use that Houdini or Rabbit!