Ahhh… The Hallmark holiday of the world. Valentine’s Day.  Whether you love it or hate it, it’s Monday and most people will be out and about and punch-drunk in love this weekend.

I personally just got back from the store, buying my guy some last minute gifts and ingredients for the meal I am making tomorrow when he gets into town.  Not only did I find myself excited when I got into the wine section, but I also found myself in a slight panic mode.

Obviously, since wine seems to be my newfound obsession (I also just bought a New Zealand Sauv Blanc I can’t wait to try!) I wanted to get a (cheap) nice bottle of champagne because I know Brian does like champagne (but he cannot tell me what kind he likes for his life). I walked up and down the aisle and found myself unsure of what to get.

Does anybody have any kind of suggestion for a good, budget friendly, V-day Champagne to pop open?