Honestly, this blog a day week for class was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was actually able to write a blog post everyday this week.

I think the reason why this was possible is because there is so much information on wine. I feel like when I am researching things for one of my posts, I am led to more terminology and references to things that I don’t know about. So everyday I am inspired by something new.  

For example, I wanted to do a post on the history of the cork, but I came across a lot of information on TCA in the cork tainting wine or a wine being “corked.” So while I was able to write a post on the history of the cork, I also found out what my next post would be too.

Of course the other blogs that I am following helped out as well.

Probably the most difficult thing for me during this week was planning when I would be able to post. I work, I intern and I have class. So, finding an open hour or so to post may have been the hardest thing. I found myself waking up in the morning, thinking about my day and planning when I would be able to blog. But it did work out.

I like the idea of the one blog a day because I found out that I actually have followers. I have a person I do not know from Washington State subscribing to my blog and some of the people from blogs email me on a regular basis with advice about my blog. It is really exciting so I think having one post a day helped my blog appear a little more credible, which is cool.

Now let’s see if I can keep it going.