So, as you may know I am a college student attending West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. I always remember driving into town from home and seeing signs for a local winery and I always found myself curious about it.

So, the other day I went into the Kroger which is the local grocery store here in WV. They have a nice selection of wine and they have pretty much every varietal from Forks of Cheat.

The suggestion that I went with was Forks of Cheat Pear from Candace at the Daily Athenaeum, our school’s award winning newspaper. Candace told me about Kroger having the entire collection of the winery and to try some of them. So, I picked up the Pear varietal.

I don’t really know why Pear is the one I chose, but I really wish I would have gone with something more bold like Strawberry or Pomegranate. As soon as I uncorked the bottle and smelled the wine in the glass it smelled like I just stepped into the dentist’s office. I was scared.

I took that first sip and instead of tasting like pear, it tasted like liquified toothpaste.  The more I drank it the more I started to taste a bit of pear, but it was not enjoyable at all.

The bright side is that it was inexpensive (I got it on sale for $8, but it is listed on the website at $10. I have decided that I am going to try a bolder flavor next time and hopefully not feel like I just cleaned my teeth.

I hope your right Candace!