Just because we are drinking wine on a budget, does not mean that we should not drink it properly. Yes, I’m serious. No more drinking wine out of a plastic cup. Let’s get serious and invest in some wine glasses.

Wine glasses do more than just look sophisticated while you drink, there is more to it than looking good. Glasses are specially designed for certain wines to enhance their flavors better. The glass has three components:

  • Stem
  • Bowl
  • Foot

Wine glasses are meant to be held by the stem so that the heat from your hand does not warm and change the temperature of the wine being held in the bowl. When choosing wine glasses, make sure to choose those that have a long enough stem to hold it comfortably and to avoid getting fingerprints on the bowl as well.

The quality of the glass is also very important. One should choose a clear crystal or fine blown glass. Try to stay away from frosted, colored, pewter and silver glasses. Not only does a clear glass allow you to see the color of the wine (see How to Properly Taste Wine under color) but it will also ensure that the edges of the glass aren’t rough and uncomfortable to drink out of.

A glass also needs to have a large bowl to hold enough wine so that you can swirl your wine properly. It is not proper to fill your glass up to the top with wine.

With that in mind let’s talk about the difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses.

Red Wine Glasses

These glasses generally have a wide bowl and a wide mouth. This allows for the air to circulate more around the wine and oxidize it, this makes it taste better.

White Wine Glasses

These glasses are generally smaller than red wine glasses for the exact opposite reason of the red wine glasses. These wines generally have the full-bodied flavor that is more desirable without as much oxidation as red wine.

Champagne Flutes

 As was just mentioned, white wine needs less oxidation, champagne and sparkling wines need even less oxidation. So, flutes have long tapered bowls with a small mouth to allow less air to enter it.

Check out some neat, inexpensive glassware sets at Overstock.com. But don’t just stop there, you can buy glasses anywhere. Just follow the steps above and you will be covered.

Also, be sure to take care of your wine glasses. Wash it after every use and store them upright  in a dry cabinet.