So, here is the thing. Right now, I am tasting wine as if I am drinking small sips of soda or even a cheap beer. I know all of you wine experts are reading this and probably cringing at the thought. I apologize, but this is the place where I am able to better myself in this area.

So, I have always HEARD how one is supposed to properly taste a wine. I heard you are not actually supposed to swallow the wine and take very small sips. Oh! And of course I always saw my friends jokingly circling their wine glass and swirling the wine inside. After I would ask them exactly why they were doing it, they would shrug their shoulders and say “That’s what you are supposed to do.” But they could not tell me why. I think they just assumed it was a game to try to keep it all in the glass and not ruin your carpet.

But they are wrong.

I came across this site where we are able to watch video episodes of a guy I never would have pegged for a wine expert go to town. He does everything that a person should when tasting wine.  He has a sense of humor and is very entertaining to watch. It was after watching Gary where I realized that I am doing it all wrong.

So, you have your wine poured in your fancy wine glass…what do you do now? Well, there are 5 steps:

  • Examine the color
  • Swirl the wine in the glass
  • Smell it
  • Taste it
  • Savor it


I had no idea how much the color of a wine can tell a person. In white wines, the more they age, the darker it gets. In red wines, the more they age, the lighter they get. Also, different grapes give off different colors.


The swirl is not only fun to do, but also tells you more about the wine. This helps to release the scent of the wine. Also, if you are swirling the wine and then stop and look closely at the glass, you will see some streaks (or more often called “legs”) running down the sides of the glass. In most instances, the more “legs” the more alcohol content in the wine.


Just smelling a wine tells a person a lot about a wine as well. If a wine smells wet or moldy, obviously it is bad because the wine absorbed the taste of the cork. If is has a burnt smell that means there is too much preservative in the wine. After time, a person will supposedly be able to distinguish specific flavors of a wine and be able to tell just from smelling it. I am nowhere near being able to do this, but hopefully soon I will be able to.


So, we have looked at our wine, swirled our wine, smelled our wine…I think it is now time to taste it, wouldn’t you agree? Wine can be sweet (due to sugar added to the wine), sour (due to acidity in the wine), and bitter (due to aged wood and most often found in red wines).


And now we savor it all. Sit back in your armchair and decide if you like it or not. Did you like how sweet it was? Do you like the fruits added to it? Was it worth the price?

And now you and I know how to properly taste wine. Give it a try! Cheers!