Contrary to popular belief, my first love in life is not wine!  Believe it or not, I am a huge sports fan. Anything competitive in nature, I’m in. As long as I have a person to root for, I will be enthralled. Give me a women’s horse shoes national championship game on TV and I promise you I would be able to watch it and be completely entertained. Anyway, just a fun fact about me which leads to my next point (this is going somewhere I promise).

The Pro Bowl is done and that leaves us with the biggest TV event of the year: The Superbowl! Not only am I amped because it is football, but yes the Pittsburgh Steelers are in it.

HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO! ok ok I got that out.

Now, as we all know, the typical beverage of choice for any sporting event is beer. Beer is good. Beer is great. I love beer. But, what about dressing up the event and taking it to the next class level and  bust out some good old vino during the big game? Thanks to 1WineDude and his post it is possible! He swears that a good Argentine red wine is the perfect thing to have during a game because it is good enough to enjoy during the game, but not so amazingly awesome that you will be distracted from the game by it’s fabulous-ness. So, I think I will be trying one of these for the game.

Also, thanks to  Wine-4-Beginners it claims that certain Pinot Grigio brands can be reminicient of beer! It says this is considered a good beginner wine because if you are used to beer, it could be a good one to ease into. It also suggests Santa Margherita or boxed Bandit Pinot Grigio. Could be another good option.

So, you have your wine to try for the game? Great! But what about food now? In the wine world, everybody likes to pair foods to go well with their wine. But, you are just a beginner like me right? So how do we do this? Well, according to Blake Gray and The Gray Market Report there is an App for that! For $2.99  you can find out what foods go perfectly with that bottle you are buying. So, if you really want to, get that wine and prepare some awesome appetizers and food for that Superbowl party you are planning.

But, maybe you want to buy some beer and cheetos just in case…