Ahhh…I knew it would come eventually. My first official wine tasting experience. Of course I have tasted the wine, but tasting it in an establishment is something that was new to me. It wasn’t glamorous, in fact it was quite unexpected!

While visiting my boyfriend Brian and his family in New Jersey, I explained to all of them my new and exciting blog: My journey of how I plan to become a world renowned wine connoisseur by staying on my cheap college budget (dreaming too much? Perhaps…). They found it interesting. So interesting in fact that Brian’s dad suggested that we go to a beer and wine tasting that was going on at their local Wegmans store the following day. I did not know what to expect, but I was eager to go and broaden my little knowledge of wine. Fabulous!

First, I walked through the unique and extravagant  supermarket area of the Wegmans and I took in all of the high ceilings, cafe, big screen TVs and breads. I will admit that I got entirely too excited over a supermarket, but I digress…

We then wandered into the wine and beer section of the store and we headed to the wine tasting. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Instead of bottles and bottles out and swarms of people trying the wine there was a little table with a woman standing behind it with two bottles of wine. We approached her, showed our IDs, and were introduced to the two bottles of wine. Both were French Remoissenet: one a Chardonnay and the other Pinot Noir.

SCORE! Two wines that I had never tried before. Wonderful! The first thing I noticed was that the Chardonnay (a dry white wine) was placed in a bucket of ice and the Pinot Noir (a sweeter red wine) was left out at room temperature. So, I asked the reason for this. After looking at me as if I must have been born yesterday and unworthy of breathing on her wine bottles, she explained to me that white wine is chilled and red wine should never be refrigerated due to taking away from the flavor of the wine.

I found this very interesting and was very excited to learn some common information about wine. She then went on to inform me that at least that was how it used to be. In recent times it is becoming more common to place the bottle of red wine in the fridge roughly 20 minutes before consuming to obtain a slight coolness. Even more fun facts! Yay!

She then recommended that we try the Remoissenet Royals Club Chardonnay first and allow it to settle on the palette for a little bit before swallowing. I did and found it quite enjoyable. She claimed that this particular kind of Chardonnay which is enhanced with vanilla and stone-fruits does not have as much of an “oaky” taste that most Chardonnays have. Brian’s dad agreed that he enjoyed it and that it wasn’t as oaky as the many Chardonnays that he had before. Very nice!

Moving on to the Remoissenet Bourgogne Pinot Noir. I was not as fond of this wine as much as the Chardonnay. It is enhanced with berry, spice and…LEATHER????? Interesting but strange. I did not feel as though I was gnawing on a boot or anything, but I just wonder who decided that adding cowhide to a drink would make it taste good. It felt like a stronger flavor in the pinot but to be completely honest, the room temperature thing threw me off a little bit. I like my beverages cold, not warm. When I want a drink I like it to be cool and refreshing. So, a part of me wants to definitely try Pinot Noir again and have a glass at room temp, a glass at 20 minutes chilled and a final glass at completely chilled.

Well, it wasn’t a winery but I sure enjoyed my first official wine tasting experience! I learned new things and I definitely want to do it again!