I have now learned two things

  • Always do research before going to the store to buy wine
  • Just trying two bottles of a wine does not make you an expert

So here we go. I bought a bottle of 2009 Cupcake Vineyard Riesling (from Mosel, Germany). Cupcake is a wine brand that I have been looking at in the stores for a long time and finally decided that I am just going to go ahead and get it. There are two kinds of Cupcake Riesling. One is the German kind mentioned earlier, which I really wanted to try from my research. The other kind is the Columbia Valley (Washington, US) version. Since I had already tried a Washington Riesling and was not very impressed with it, I knew I was going to go for the prettier blue bottle and better reputation in the German Cupcake.

It was the perfect choice! It was definitely a dry wine, and not as sweet as a Moscato but with the honeydew and lemon flavors added to it, it was an enjoyable drink. I greatly enjoyed this German wine and with the appealing price tag under $10, I know I will be sure to try more Cupcake varietals and more Rieslings from Germany!

A toast to not giving up, doing research and trying a variety of new things!