This is the first wine that I have ever tried and extremely enjoyed! I never heard of Moscato before last year when a friend of mine bought a bottle of it from Olive Garden and I had been intrigued since then. So, I went to the store and bought the restaurant’s brand, Itallian Castello del Poggio Moscato (also known as Muskat) wine. This cost me about $12.50 for a regular size bottle of the wine.

It is a mild, sweet, white wine that has a delicious, fruity flavor with accents of apricot and honey. It is light on the tongue and has a nice aftertaste. I suggest that it be served chilled (between five and ten degrees) and enjoyed fully. It is recommended to be paired with desserts, mild cheeses, fruits and on it’s own. I extremely enjoyed my first taste.

I also tried a California Moscato from a popular and inexpensive wine brand: Barefoot. This particular bottle wore a sticker for best of show so I figured I could not go wrong. This brand cost about $10.99 for a large bottle and has hints of lemon and orange along with the honey, peach and apricots. Another wonderful brand. It may have been slightly heavier, but not much at all. Barefoot Moscato will be a wine that I will highly suggest to anyone. I am loving the start to this experiment of mine.

Overall, based on this experiment, I would say that if you are a person who has not found a wine that you can call your own, Moscato is the way to go. It is light, sweet and fruity and a great beginner wine. I know I drank this with my mom, sister-in-law, older brother and boyfriend (neither of the two males like wine very much) and it was a huge hit all around. I feel very proud of myself for passing on this discovery.

Any suggestions for a kind of wine to try this week?