I am a college student on a limited budget (in other words I am poor) with a desire to become more cultured in the world of wines. This is going to be an in depth view about the history of wines, what kinds of wines are out there and how they are ideally used. It will be my experiences going to wineries and rating inexpensive wines that anyone with any kind of budget can afford. There will even be history on wineries and vineyards to enhance people of all ages and backgrounds.

My Background with Wines

As I mentioned earlier, this interest in wines is very new. As a child, my mom would let me take a sip from her glass of wine, and like many kids, I made a face and spit it out and would think to myself “who would ever drink this?” During my family picnics, my mom and sister-in-law always had bottles of wine and I always told myself that I would never drink wine because it was “nasty.”

Now I am 21 and finding myself fascinated with the history and intense “winers” that are all over the world. Now, here I am attempting to broaden knowledge and who knows, maybe become a wine connoisseur on a college budget! Come with me on the journey.